Green beauty is clean beauty packaged sustainably. We work hard to reduce waste on a systemic level by changing the way we buy, changing the materials we use, and changing the mindset we have. We consider and value the effectiveness of our ingredients as much as where the packaging ends up and the footprint it leaves.

Naked Frankie carries the best in green beauty products. From bath and body products to make up to skincare, find your next hero product here.

Closed loop means that materials in the system are reused again. Think of traditional buying vs buying with Naked Frankie. Traditionally, you buy a packaged good and then the package is thrown away to disappear into a landfill. It’s linear and materials only go in one direction.

In Naked Frankie’s closed loop system, you buy our bottled product and the bottle are returned, washed and refilled with product to be bought by someone else -- starting another cycle. We took our inspiration from nature where closed-loop systems exist everywhere. Think of organic matter than is turned into fertilizer where the nutrients are used for new generations of organic matter. Or the water cycle where water evaporates and turns into condensation to be turned back into water. Closed loop systems sound like a fancy word but they are all around us. :)

We’ve thought about reusability in every detail. We ask you to return the bottles and/or any containers you purchased from us when you’re finished with the products. You can schedule a home-pickup or drop-off at our pop-up location in Glendale, CA.

After we pick up your bottles, we take them to our warehouse for a rigorous 2-stage, 5-step cleaning process. We soak, rinse, and wash to remove any leftover product clinging to the inside. Then we dry and blast with UV light to destroy any remaining microscopic particles. After that, it’s good to be used again for new products, new orders, new happy customers. Everything from our labels to our tubes that we deliver in can be reused!

You can shop in store at our pop up (131 N Artsakh Ave., Glendale 91206) or online where you’re reading this FAQ!

We currently service Los Angeles. You can find out if you’re in the service area by entering your zip code here: LINK.

Unfortunately, no. Naked Frankie has a super high level of cleanliness due to the natural products we carry. We want to maintain and ensure product integrity so we have a policy that we must do all the cleaning.

However, Naked Frankie bottles are always returnable. When you’re done, please return the bottle even if you don’t want to purchase again. So no clutter or work for you!

No. Naked Frankie is imperfectly zero-waste. This means that we don’t pertain to be perfect. It is near impossible to be completely waste free in our modern world but we try to think of reuse options for everything we have or receive as a business. Here’s a small snippet of what we do:

In the warehouse:

We only have a recycling bin in our warehouse (no trash bins because the amount we send to landfill is not enough to justify it). We reuse boxes that our brand partners send to us to carry and transport our products. We reuse the kraft packaging paper our partners send to us as packaging paper for our customers. We wash all of our recycling properly to give it the highest chance of actually being recycled.

At the store:

We use washcloths for drying hands at the sink. We push customers to leave our store with tote bags that they can reuse or place products in their own bag. We use thin wooden tester sticks (in COVID times) to ensure home compostability at end-of-life. We did away with paper receipts.

Delivery & Refund

You can return online or in store.

You can schedule a home bottle return here! Home bottle return means we drive to you and collect your bottles as long as you leave them out by 9 AM on return day.

You can also return in store by dropping off at 131 N Artsakh Ave., Glendale 92016.

You’ll get your refund within 7 days of returning your bottles. You can see your status on Your Dashboard here: LINK.

No but we do encourage you to return the bottle to us when you are done so you can have the full Naked Frankie experience. We do send you email reminders 60 days and 120 days out. We aren’t trying to rush you! We just want to ensure that we are doing everything we can to live up to our mission. We’ve tried our best to make it easy for you. You can fill out a bottle return here:

No! We accept bottles as long as you’re willing to return them. Thanks to the QR code on your bottle, we can refund you days, months, years after you bought from us.