How It Works

How It Works
You order from our website; we deliver the products right to your door. When you’re done, fill out Bottle Return form  to schedule a free bottle pickup and leave the empty bottles outside your home in the tube it came in. Really. That’s it.
The bottles we pick up will go through our two-stage cleaning and sanitizing process that will leave the bottles not just clean, but squeaky clean for the next use. Read more on our sanitization process here.

Bottle Policy

  • The refillable bottles, label stickers and tubes are property of Naked Frankie and should be returned.

  • We charge a $2.50 deposit per bottle or jar associated with your order to encourage accountability. This deposit will be refunded to you once the bottles are returned.

  • You can return the empty bottles anytime by scheduling a free bottle return pickup by filling out this form

  • We will send you reminder emails to schedule a free return of empty bottles.

  • If you have any questions about the bottle policy, please email




Delivery Area

We deliver to most Los Angeles area and we deliver ourselves!

You can expect 3-4 business days for your order to arrive.
You can choose Priority Delivery option to have your order delivered in 2 days.

We may call or text if we have trouble delivering safely.
We'll send you an email when the order is delivered. 

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