Our Story

our story  

When we founded Naked Frankie, we wanted to expand the community around sustainability to include young people-of-color. This planet is for all of us. We wanted to provide an easy, accessible way to adopt a waste-free lifestyle. Like many of you reading this, we have anxiety about what's going on with our Earth and our environment. With more frequent and dangerous natural disasters, rising sea levels and plastic polluting the oceans, we need to stop giving lip service and start taking action, whether that's through advocacy, work, or habits. 

We wanted to create an environmentally sustainable option that is also sustainable for everyday, modern life. We built Naked Frankie for those who are busy meeting deadlines, those who require specific products, those who have sensitive skin, those who are indulgent, those who are exhausted from their week, and, frankly, those who are lazy. Because it's not about one person living sustainably perfectly. It's about all of us living sustainably imperfectly. 

Refilled with love,
Jennifer, Emily and Agisae