Why Refill?

33% of plastic waste is from personal care products

Single-use packaging for personal care and beauty products make up 33% of waste found in landfill. The packaging for the products we love is becoming a huge problem. We just want the product inside but somehow we end up with mountains of packaging and it’s finding its way into forests, beaches, rivers, oceans and even our bodies.  

Recycling is good but it isn’t enough. Even when we use our blue bins, about 80% of recyclable items still end up in landfill, depending on factors like color, quality, local infrastructure, and oil prices. 

Compostable materials are a good innovation but if it doesn’t read “home compostable,” it’s probably not what you had in mind. Bioplastics require industrial composting to properly degrade but most cities in America are not equipped. Without that, they act kind of like regular plastic but without the possibility of recycling. Bioplastics are often lined with plastic resin for waterproofing and degrade into those micro plastics. You know, the ones that end up in fish, sea turtles, whales and, oh yeah, us. 

Our products come in refillable, reusable bottles. Glass, unlike plastics or metals, is infinitely reusable without the risk of leeching toxic chemicals, which protects you and allows us to properly wash and sanitize. Also, glass is naturally waterproof so there’s no plastic liner, meaning no microplastics. These bottles get returned to us so all you’re buying and using is the naked product that’s inside. 

Refill is the most environmentally-friendly way to purchase any product. 

Strip down the packaging and start refilling with Naked Frankie. Let’s make the world better for fish, sea turtles, whales, and, oh yeah, us. 


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